The Late Edition (deathbgothic) wrote,
The Late Edition

a lot of things on my mind...

I am having a difficult time seeing silver lining on the clouds today.

it seems like everyone is either upset with some decision I have mad or is expecting the world from me.


I have not been seeping well for a week or so now; aching and painful tossing and turning, deep bouts of sleep sweating, headaches and nausea... jesus you'd think I was pregnant.

My back has been in a state of FUCKYOUnes for daaaaaaays and daaaaaays.
Need to get a new general physician and get this shit look at, because I am wearing thin on discomfort levels.

also: i need to get my ass in gear and work on some crafts. I have noticed I gt hella cranky and lackluster when I do not do something artsy with my days. I have not done crafts in almost two weeks! I am feeling the dredge of depression well up inside of me, and I've been doing  a really good job of ignoring it and coping and dealing but I just want to get it out. GTFO DEPRESSION. Go somewhere else and be with your own kind for a bit. I'm tired of your bullshit.

eh, that is it for now. I'll get back into the swing of LJ posts again someday.
Tags: is this the real life?
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